What are some AutoServe1 best practices?


Here are the top 5 best practices for all AutoServe1 users.

  1. Pictures are worth a thousand words: Don't hesitate to snap photos or take videos of your clients vehicle. Your customers can see pictures and videos from any device that has access to the internet and can run any modern day browser.
  2. New routine: At the end of your shift, it's recommended that you and your staff sign out of AutoServe1, shut down the tablets, and charge them up for the next day.
  3. "But the paper inspections take less time": For anyone who's may have a hard time adjusting to their new device and the software, we do offer individual remote training and provide very detailed videos on how to use our software.
  4. Power cycle: If you're ever stuck we always recommend trying to clear the browsers cache and turning the tablet off and back on. 
  5. Questions/Concerns/Suggestions: We encourage you to call or email us anytime.


    Sales Inquiries: sales@autoserve1.com
    Billing Inquiries: customer.support@autoserve1.com
    Technical Inquiries: techs@autoserve1.com

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