Hunter Integration Troubleshooting



For any Hunter Issues you experience, AutoServe1 will try and assist you, but we have limited access to the hunter machines, and recommend contacting your Hunter Rep/Tech should our troubleshooting methods prove insufficient in resolving your issue.

Here are the following troubleshooting steps we can provide you prior to contacting your Hunter Rep/Tech.

  1. Is your Hunter Quick Check machine running version 14.3 or higher?
  2. Does your Quick Check machine have an internet connection? (Wired connections are highly recommended)
  3. Did you triple check the iShop URL and Hunter Security token were entered correctly? (Call us or send us an online support ticket to receive a copy of these)
  4. Redo the setup with the instructions provided by your hunter tech/rep. (Step 8, in particular is a common setting that reverts itself, and displays a 501 error when running a quick check)
  5. Ensure Quick Check is enabled.
  6. Ensure you are capturing the VIN with Quick Check, and that your AutoServe1 ticket has an identical VIN.
  7. Ensure the AutoServe1 Inspection you are using has the Hunter Measurement data linked through the inspection builder.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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